When is it time to use IT Consultant or Project Manager?

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In today’s complex business environment, strategic IT plays an essential role in an organization’s business plan. The primary goal of strategic IT is to improve efficiency, create opportunities, and create effortless interaction with customers and vendors.

Smaller businesses are usually forced to choose between hiring an IT consultant or project manager in order to pursue potential projects,

but more often they need to look outside of their own organizations to hire a proven professional.

Let’s say, for example, that a company wants to build or improve an IT system in order to streamline operations. An IT consultant can provide helpful advices regarding several paths the company can choose, as well as what are the risks and benefits of each possible choice.

However, if that same company wants to build a stronger and more complex foundation for future IT expansions, using an IT project manager can be more beneficial. This is usually the option that many companies choose, especially when it comes to more complex tasks like server/PC installation and maintenance. For any company that seeks improvement of its IT structure, the most efficient way to go through the project is by hiring a project manager who needs to take care of all aspects of the project, including installation and optimization of the IT system, providing reliable backup options, make sure the system is secured by optimizing virus protection, and similar tasks.

Differently said, IT consultant and IT project managers can both help reaching the same goal, where the main difference is in the fact that IT project managers are overseeing more complex operations which include planning, staffing, and implementing the project, as well as controlling and evaluating the project.

For organizations, both small and large, hiring an IT consultant should be seen as an investment. IT consultants can be valuable in identifying needs, finding service providers, as well as planning and managing a project. These specialized IT pros are usually hired to work on critical, deadline-driven tasks, no matter how small or large these projects can be. Besides, projects can range from providing training on a new piece of software or cloud solutions, equipment, or technology, but can be also very large in scale and include reviewing internal procedures. It is also wise to have an IT consultant to oversee the current IT strategy and solve problems on-the-go.

In general, there are several reasons a business may require an assistant of an IT

  • To seek advice and recommendations about IT infrastructure.
  • To diagnose problems with the current IT infrastructure as well as to fix them.
  • Upgrading to a new system in order to increase productivity.
  • To get help for an IT project where hiring a permanent worker is not necessary.

By having a consultant on hand, a company can have its issues resolved and addressed much sooner, which is cutting operational costs and saving staff’s valuable time.
However, you might be wondering why a business organization would hire an IT project manager, when IT consultants can be equally effective and helpful. The main reason lies in a project’s complexity.

IT consultants can provide a solution to a current problem as well as recommend future plans, but IT project managers are essential when it comes to highly complex projects that require very careful planning and execution. For example, a project like cloud computing migration is a highly delicate set of sub-projects that demand time and significant investment. A project manager can help by liaising with software engineers and IT support members, as well as by analysing potential problems in order to make sure that the project is on the right track.

One of the most interesting benefits for both small and large organizations, when it comes to hiring an outside IT consultant or project manager, is the fact that this is a contracted position, which means that you don’t have the usual taxes, fees, and benefits that come with permanent employees.

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