What is a good Cloud Service Provider and how to choose it?

cloud service provider

What is Cloud Service?

Everything in the modern day is digital and so should be your data. There are many solutions and many digital companies offering different services. The era of storing your data on your laptop or desktop, but not being able to access it from another device is over. Cloud Computing is a marvellous invention to store away your valuable company data on a network that can be accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere. But, how do you know which Cloud Service Provider is the fitting one for your business? That is where we come to the picture to give you the tips and tricks you need to find the best Cloud Service Provider based on your needs.

First things first

When you choose to store company data online, you want to be certain that no-one but authorized personnel can access it. The first thing to figure out is whether the Cloud Service Provider has a secure environment so that no data can be leaked. Try the Cloud Service Provider of your choice first with unimportant data and test its security level before you put your valuable data on the web.

Do all companies use the same Cloud Service Provider?

No, not at all. Every company has its own preferences and requirements. Your company might need a higher security level than that of another company. Some companies might need a lot of storing space while your company could do with a comparatively less storage space. It is a necessity to do some research about which type of Cloud Service Provider you need. You can ask yourself questions like:

  • How many people need to access it?

  • How much storing space do we need?

  • How secure does it need to be?

We will just take the most expensive Cloud Service Provider?

This may not always be true. The best services are almost always more expensive than the other subpar ones. However, quality is not always proportional to the pricing. To choose the correct Cloud Service Provider, it is important to take a look at its reliability and reputation. To measure, you can check reviews from independent sources, ratings and how many years of experience the provider has. Once you have done your research about the provider, test their service first to see whether the ratings and reviews are also up to your expectations.

Our Cloud Network has crashed!!

Your Cloud Service Provider doesn’t have a support platform? This means your selection was not the right one. Technology is a unique invention but it still has its faults. It is a known fact that servers can crash, your cloud is not able to handle the data size or the server is getting an upgrade. There are a few obstacles that can occur when you use any technology and thus also with using a Cloud Network. For this very reason, it is important that your service provider has a backup plan and a support team that can help you for any kind of issues that might arise for your cloud network.


Nothing is more annoying than a server that goes down for maintenance and upgrades. Choose a Cloud Service Provider that uses the latest technology. Because new cloud servers upgrade automatically with minimum downtime. Also, latest servers would mean more secure data and better scalability options.

To conclude, do a thorough research before uploading your data on to a web server. Happy cloud computing!

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