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Swiss-Army-Knife tools for Small Business in 2016

In general, small business owners are frugal. They have to be. In addition, they are usually short on time, which creates somewhat complicated situation. More so, there is a whole layer of additional works that goes on top of what goes into…
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Benefits of Migrating to Office 365 or Google Apps for Work

Cloud computing is on the rise, and businesses continue to move to cloud for different reasons which are of course beneficial to their operations. Office 365 and Google Apps for work are popular cloud platforms especially for small to medium…
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Windows 10 review: Upgrade or not to upgrade?

Windows 10 is the newest major version of Microsoft’s operating system, which was released on July 25. Even though more than 6 months have passed since the official launch, many are still wondering if the free upgrade is worth the hassle. In…
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Upgrade Options for Windows Small Business Server

Life After Windows SBS 2011 Numerous small to medium-sized businesses are still using an older version of Windows Small Business Server (Windows SBS) and are now facing with a difficult decision of upgrading. The problem is in the fact…