project managament

The Three P's of Project Management

With the recent development in IT, there has been a drastic change in the Life Cycle of the products. No longer consumers’ are forced to use the same products for a longer time. Technology has evolved the way we function these days. We live…
Outsource IT Support

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource IT Support to Managed Services

Globalization has led to a higher dependency on technology. One can easily sign the treaties, crack business deals and outsource work with a single click of the button. The credit goes to the IT Culture that has overruled the traditional methods…
Professional IT Support and Maintenance Services

7 Ways Professional IT Support and Maintenance Services Can Add Value to Your Business

Organisations across the world depend on technology for major operational functions. As a result, the systems that these companies have in place certainly have an impact on the business's bottom line. Although IT hardware is being built to…
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When is it time to use IT Consultant or Project Manager?

In today’s complex business environment, strategic IT plays an essential role in an organization’s business plan. The primary goal of strategic IT is to improve efficiency, create opportunities, and create effortless interaction…