Benefits of Migrating to Office 365 or Google Apps for Work

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Cloud computing is on the rise, and businesses continue to move to cloud for different reasons which are of course beneficial to their operations. Office 365 and Google Apps for work are popular cloud platforms especially for small to medium size businesses. Below we delve into the benefits of migrating to cloud solutions
using Office 365 or Google Apps for work.

Office 365

Office 365 for enterprises not only offers cloud-based email application, document creation, sharing and storage, but it’s also a solution that brings huge savings to businesses, reducing overhead and maintaining productivity. Additionally, it brings about other benefits to your business including:

  • Flexibility
    Office 365 offers users flexibility, enabling them to sign into their accounts to access their emails and other data from an array of devices including PCs, Macs, iphones, Android smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Enhanced Collaboration
    Office 365 offers collaboration tools that enhance communication between teammates, customers and partners through enhanced sharing of up to date documents from anywhere, anytime.
  • Accessibility
    Regardless of where you are, Office 365 allows you to access, edit and view documents online anytime.
  • Available in Two Versions
    Office 365 has an online and desktop version, allowing for flexibility for use in different environments.

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for work is a messaging platform that delivers numerous benefits to businesses including:

  • Enhanced Collaboration
    Multiple users can access and contribute simultaneously to projects in their browsers saving time for teams who want to work together efficiently.
  • Flexibility & Control
    When using Google Apps for work the administrator is provided with controls to manage applications and services that should be accessible to employees.
  • Web Based Applications
    All its applications including emails are web based and everything is saved automatically you work on it so you don’t have to worry about accidentally losing your changes.

Comparison between Office 365 and Google Apps For Work

Office 365 and Google Apps for work may both be providing same cloud based services, but they definitely have some variations including:

Office 365 assures businesses that they will not disseminate your data with third parties. On the other hand, Google’s privacy policy states that, information they collect on your behalf is applicable for their advertising.

Google Apps for work is basically a cheaper alternative for Office 365 which is the standard for productivity suites making it more expensive. Office 365 has extensive capabilities and suitable for larger businesses as most of its features may not be necessary for small enterprises.

Google Apps for Work is ideal for small to medium businesses who are willing to give up Ms Outlook as their email clients, whereas Office 365 extensive advanced features make it ideal for businesses wanting to stay close to Exchange server and Outlook look and feel. However, regardless of whether you chooses Google Apps or office 365, as long as it’s correctly implemented and thoroughly adopted, you will get a cloud platform that will have a significant impact in the way your business operates.

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