The Three P’s of Project Management

project managament

With the recent development in IT, there has been a drastic change in the Life Cycle of the products. No longer consumers’ are forced to use the same products for a longer time. Technology has evolved the way we function these days. We live in the Big Data era where cloud computing technology is used to store the data. The digital world has become more demanding thereby, leading to a shorter life cycle.

Wondering the connection between the product life cycle and the project management? The company introduces new products that require strong project management skills, right from the testing phase to the final production. There are several stages before a final product is ready for the launch. Every stage has to be personally monetized as the entire process is inter-linked. Thus, Project Management is vital in every organization.


Here are The Three P’s of Project Management:

Project Scoping & Planning:

Most of the project managers immediately start working on the projects as soon as they receive it. The best way to begin a project is to find out the scope of the project. Knowing the feasibility of the project is essential. There are several Project Management templates that help to keep a check on every step before you move to the next one. You can prepare a work process and discuss the same with your team. Planning is essential as it will help you to know about your next move and the consequences of it. You can break your tasks and assign it to your team members as per their skills. You will also have to map your resources with the project requirement. Hence, make sure that you measure the scope of the project and plan the entire process.


Most of the project managers are ignorant about the process and do not give much importance to it. Every project demand uniqueness but, there is always a standard process that must be followed. The standard process depends on the business environment and the company working culture. Let’s say you have received a project – what next? As a project manager, you can let your team know about the new project. You can refer to old projects if they are of similar type. It will help you to form the process. List down the challenges that the new project is offering you. Find out the time that the project would require and the resources you would need to get the project done. Your project process includes risk management, procurement, and a strong communication.


A team is the pillar behind the success of a project. Most of the times, project fail due to people. The first task is to find out whether you have the best people to carry out the project. You will then have to select the team members who possess the required skill as per the project needs. You will have to be very specific while allocating the task to the members. Also, ensure that your team works as a team rather than individuals. Emphasize on the power of team dynamics for the success of your project.

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